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Set Your Goals

2008-10-02 01:40:13 by Set-Your-Goals

Hey I'm Matt Wilson, I'm one of the vocalist for a band called Set Your Goals. We are a punk/hardcore mixed band hailing from San Francisco. I came across this Newgrounds site while surfing the internet, I think it's really cool the stuff you can do here and it's also a great place to show people our music. I will be up to date with my Newgrounds account and post some more of our songs. If you like us and want to know more, just look at our myspace.


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2008-10-29 19:29:57

Love your music. I hope to hear more from you guys.


2008-10-31 11:31:49

hey matt, usually I don't listen to punk/hardcore, cause I find this music too hard for my ears, but your songs are really well produced and I like them! :D
what is your myspace page? I don't see a link here! :)
take care!

Set-Your-Goals responds:

Thanks for telling us what you think, here is our Myspace: ls


2008-12-04 23:38:01

Ok... so first off I realized that the song 'to be continued' was... 'too good to be true'. Additionally I have realized that since it was too good to be true the song was stolen for Ware-ezed. but my findings prove wring. You band Set your goals actually has a wikipedia page, listing on there To be continued as a song.

but near the bottom says that you (Matt wilson I presume) is going to release a album sometime 2009. Is it really going to happen?